These are images of floppy disks which can be recreated by executing the image files listed below. Just open a DOS command window, put a floppy in your drive and type the name of the .exe you have downloaded.

For example if you downloaded the WordPerfect Disk of the Month for August of 1997, you would type:
    WPAUG97.exe a:

Windows 3.1
Microsoft 1 2 3 4 5 6
Compaq 1 2 3 4 5 6
Disk of the Month February 1997
Disk of the Month August 1997
Disk of the Month September 1997
Disk of the Month October 1997
Quick Disk - Graphic Alphabets Graphic Alphabets
Quick Disk - Greeting Cards Greeting Cards
70 Macros 70 Macros
Companion Disk April 1997
CD-ROM Drivers
Panasonic/Creative CR56x series 56X-DOS
Panasonic CR56x series CD-ROM drivers for Wi n95 56XWin95
Panasonic/Creative CR57x/CR58x series drivers 57X-DOS
Panasonic CR582 CD-ROM Hex Spin drivers v5.17 CR582517
Panasonic 12X CR584 CD-ROM drivers for DOS & OS2 CR584
Access Data Password Recovery WRPass